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At the bottom of this page you'll find MP3s of rare songs not released on CD ("Rarities")!



Format: CD Album
Catalog no.: GRAMMAR 05
Release: 11. APRIL 2005
Label: Grammar Records
Distribution: Bare Bra Musikk



01: Those Who Sadly Lost It DOWNLOAD
02: Loners/Swingers
03: My Highest Ambition
04: Scarlet Life
05: Modern Tears DOWNLOAD
06: Disco For The Dead
07: Beautiful Lives
08: Eleven Dreams
09: Wish I May, Wish I Might
10: Balloon Song

"Disco For The Dead EP"

Format: CD EP
Catalog no.: 3 a.m.
Release: November 2003
Label: Almost Music

01: My Highest Ambition
      (early version)
02: The Blue Song
03: Turning Dark
04: Breathe
05: Nightsky
06: Disco For The Dead
      (early version)

"Disco For The Dead EP" can only be ordered by e-mail (soon sold out!):



I Just Can't Wait To Be Rejected By You (recorded October 2002)
The Man Who Ran The Mile (recorded October 2002)

Poor Movie (demo) (recorded April 2003)

Passing Time (recorded summer 2004)
Good Times Come By Accident (recorded summer 2004)

Alison Again (One of our first songs. Home recording by Tore and Sven-Arne.)