From left to right: Tore, Dagfinn, Magnus, Ingrid and Sven-Arne

The members

Tore Meberg - vocals and keyboards
Sven-Arne Skarvik - drums
Dagfinn Ritland - guitar, backing vocals
Magnus Ritland - bass
Ingrid Velle - keyboards, backing vocals

THE LOVE REVOLT, situated in the cold city of Trondheim, Norway was formed by fellow students Dagfinn Ritland and Tore Meberg during the winter of 2002. Both of them had shelved their musical ambitions for half a year after playing in various bands in their respective hometowns. Now abstinence caught up with them. Together with a former bandmate of Tore’s, guitarplayer Martin Risdal, they started rehearsing in Tore’s small flat. Soon after Dagfinn’s cousin Magnus joined them on bass guitar and through some obscure connections (a friend of a friend of a friend...) they got hold of drummer Sven-Arne Skarvik.

The first year was spent rehearsing and discussing what name to choose for their project. Eventually, THE LOVE REVOLT was chosen; mainly because it looked so good in print. Their first concerts were held in Trondheim in March 2003 and the response was so good that the band decided to make a record. Their EP, Disco for the Dead, was released in November 2003 and was well received by Norwegian Press.

During the summer of 2003 Martin Risdal left the band and was replaced by keyboard player Ingrid Velle half a year later. This changed the bands musical expression, as well as their live performances, significantly. Their songs became more spiced up, and Tore (who used to play the keyboard occasionally while singing) was now more free to concentrate on his singing and showmanship. The last two years the band has been touring the largest towns in Norway and also played at the Norwegian Wood-festival in Oslo, June 2004. In the summer of 2004 they recorded their debut album, Loners/Swingers which is now out on Grammar Records. Enjoy!